by Christian Rogers | Updated 04/10/2024

Featured Electric Lawn Mower

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Battery Mower Comparison Table




True Run Time


Deck Width




Greenworks GLM801601

(1) 80V

50 min

74 lbs



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Worx WG751

(2) 20V

50 min

65 lbs



Check Pricing


Makita XML03PT1

(4) 18V


93 lbs



Check Pricing


Black & Decker CM2043C

(2) 40V

50 min

59 lbs



Check Pricing


Ego 21" 56 Volt

(2) 56V

50 min

67 lbs


Self Propelled

Check Pricing


Snapper SXDWM82K

(2) 82V

45 min

90 lbs



Check Pricing


Sun Joe ION16LM

(1) 40V

60 min

35 lbs



Check Pricing


Greenworks M-210-SP

(1) 40V

40 min

70 lbs


Self Propelled

Check Pricing


Yard Force YF120vRX

(2) 120V

80 min

109 lbs


Self Propelled

Check Pricing


Ryobi RY48111


150 min

595 lbs



Check Pricing


Husqvarna AutoMower 315


50 min

20 lbs



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Our Top Picks

Editors Pick for 2024: Greenworks PRO 21-Inch 80V

I was impressed by the power of this battery powered lawn mower through thicker grass as well as the longevity of the 80V lithium ion battery.  The price is very competitive compared to other models and is one of the best electric lawn mower in it’s class

Best Features: WORX WG774 Intellicut 20″ Mower

I really like all of the features of the WORX WG774. It’s easy to push and maneuver, has decent battery length and good power.”

Best Value: Black & Decker CM2043C 20″

“This push electric lawn mower isn’t going to mow your 10 acre ranch, but it will get your lawns looking nice without breaking your back or your bank.”

Best Battery: EGO Power+ 21 Inch 56-Volt Lithium-ion

“Cool looking design, solid battery life and enough power to handle nearly any backyard make this one of my top electric mowers available.”

Best Power: Snapper XD SXDWM82K 21 Inch Cordless Mower Kit

“The Snapper XD is a serious player in the electric lawn mower game. It has a ton of power from dual 82V lithium batteries and 45 minutes of run time.”

Best Self Propelled: Greenworks 21-Inch M-210-SP Self-Propelled

“At 70lbs, you don’t even notice the weight, even when mowing thick grass. This model does all the work with strong self propelled mower rear wheels”

Best Mower for Large Yards: Yard Force YF120vRX Lithium-Ion 22″

“If you have large areas to mow, the Yard Force YF120vRX will make quick work of it and has power comparable to many gas mowers”

Best Battery Riding Mower: Ryobi 38 in Electric Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower RY48111

“If you have an extremely large area of lawn to maintain this Ryobi is the riding mower to buy. You will get 2.5 hours run time from the 48V 100 Ah battery.”

Best Robotic Lawn Mower: Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 315

“The Automower is so quiet you can schedule it for night mowing without bothering the neighbors. The AutoMower 315 weighs about 20 pounds and has a 70 minute mow time on full charge.”

Top 5 Cordless Power Mowers We Reviewed for 2024

So you’re shopping around for the best battery powered lawn mower for your buck for 2024? The new generation of cordless powered lawn mowers aren’t your Daddy’s old mower. These beauties pack power, style and some cool tech into an otherwise boring piece of gear that sits in your garage 99% of the time. Let’s face it, push lawn mowers aren’t the sexiest of backyard tools. At least for me, they bring back nightmares of having to mow the yard as a kid when I’d rather be out doing something fun with my friends. If you are going to blow a few hundred bucks on a tool, wouldn’t a nice chain saw be a lot more fun? A tool like this is is a big purchase, so I completely understand that people want to research product ratings, guides and videos to find the best model for their yards. This guide should help you greatly with detailed product reviews and product specs for several high quality models.

These are the best electric lawn mowers that won’t break the bank, but will still get your lawn area looking amazing.

TOP PICK – Greenworks PRO 21-Inch 80V Electric Power Lawn Mower

Greenworks PRO 21-Inch 80V Greenworks Pro 80V 21-Inch Brushless Self-Propelled Lawn Mower 4.0Ah Battery and Charger Included, MO80L410check-prices-cta

The GreenWorks Model GLM801601 mower came as our pick for the battery powered lawn mowers in 2024. It has a bunch of amazing features that any homeowner will love. GreenWorks is a relatively newcomer to the home & yard care industry, but don’t let that bother you. They make an extremely high quality product which can be seen in the GLM801601 mower. With this battery lawn mower you get one 80V lithium battery and charger (same as the B&D model above). You also have a 7 way, single lever grass height adjustment which can handle even the tallest grass. 3 in 1 bagging, mulching & discharge ability.

The handle collapses for easy storage and transportation. This model has a 21″ cut width and weighs in at 74.1 pounds, which surprisingly makes it very easy to push and maneuverable around borders and other objects. This mower has over 1 hours of charge time and has enough power to tackle just about any lawn. The GreenWorks Pro GLM801601 also has power adjusting technology which senses the grass height and increases or decreases power as needed to help save the battery. With over 770 5 star ratings at Amazon, others also agree that this is a solid push lawn mower, with plenty of power on tap. A bonus is if you already own a leaf blower by GreenWorks, the batteries are the same. Sweet!

Review Summary

Even though the company is newer to the market, I really like the GreenWorks Pro GLM801601. I was impressed by the power through thicker grass as well as the longevity of the 80v lithium ion battery. It’s very nimble due to the lower weight which makes mowing 800+ sq/ft a breeze. This unit is very comparable to the B&D unit. The price is a bit higher, but I could honestly go with either unit and be completely satisfied.

Top Features

  • 21″ Cutting capacity
  • Only 74.1 pounds
  • 10″ rear wheels
  • Excellent cut quality
  • 1 80V batteries + charger
  • Batteries compatible with other Greenworks power tools
  • Over 1 hours cutting time
  • 7 level height adjusting
  • SmartCut Technology
  • 4 year limited warranty
Needs Improvement
  • Not self propelled

#2 Worx WG751 PowerShare 5.0 Electric Lawn Mower

WORX WG751 40V Power Share 5.0 Ah 20WORX WG779 40V Power Share 4.0 Ah 14


I’ve had very good experiences with the WORX brand products in the past. I’ve owned a WORX leaf blower back in 2018 as well as a hedge trimmer. Both have been going strong for over a year now so I was excited to test out the WORX WG751 Powershare 5.0 electric mower.

WORX did right by me, so I was sure this battery lawn mower would perform just as well as their other gear, and I was right.

The WORX has all of the features you would expect in a quality battery operated electric lawn mower in this price range. It comes with 2 20V batteries and charger that will let you cut up to 9,400 sq/feet of lawn. It features a 2 in 1 mulching and rear bagging option and easily folds down into a compact unit for easy storage. I was able to mow relatively tall grass with ease and got about 50 minutes of run time. I even let the kids push it around and they didn’t struggle, even in thicker grass.

One of the cool things that I haven’t seen on other push lawn mowers is the wash out port. You can literally hook up a hose to the port and it will clean under the deck, removing all of the grass clipping debris that accumulates. I love this feature. You can use the “Turbo Mode” for an extra boost of power, but keep in mind you’ll run through the batteries fast if you use Turbo too much.

The WORX weighs in at about 65 pounds, which is pretty average. Unfortunately, this unit isn’t self propelled, so if you have hilly areas to cut, it will likely be a bit of work with this battery powered lawn mower. But for flat yards, this lawn mower performs great. A 3 year manufacturers warranty is included. And if all this wasn’t enough, it’s got a awesome looking design, which you all know I like.

Review Summary

I really like all of the features of the WORX WG751. It’s easy to push and maneuver, has decent battery length and good power. It would be nice to see larger bag capacity, but for small to mid sized lawns, this is a solid choice. The price is under $500, which is great for dual 20V lithium ion battery powered lawn mowers.

Top Features

  • 19″ actual cut width
  • Two batteries lithium ion 20V + charger
  • Extremely good cut quality
  • Ultra lightweight at only 65lbs
  • 3 year tool warranty
  • 1 hour mow time
  • Easy mow height adjustment
  • One of the quieter push lawn mowers tested
  • Steel Deck
  • Fully collapsible for quick storage
Needs Improvement
  • Doesn’t bag wet grass well
  • Not self propelled
  • Mulching drains battery fast

#3 Best Budget Mower- Black & Decker CM2043C 20″Battery Powered Lawn Mower

BLACK+DECKER CM2043C 40V Lithium IonBLACK+DECKER 40V MAX Cordless Lawn Mower, 20-Inch (CM2043C)


Black & Decker has been making high quality, affordable power tools and equipment since 1910 and the CM2043C cordless lawnmower is no exception. While this mower is a bit on the higher end price wise, I really like the features packed into this model.

You get two 40v MAX batteries, which gives you decent run time to get your lawns mowed without having to sprint around the yard hoping it charge. Approximately 1/3 of an acre per fully charged battery. The variable speed motor does an excellent job in conserving battery life which extends the run time. This model also features mulching, side ejection and bagging. Adjusting the deck height is very simple, with 6 settings that can cut from 1.5″ to 4″ and handle all varieties of grass.

Did I mention that this battery powered lawn mower can actually sense the thickness of the grass and adjust the power when it needs more juice for the really thick stuff or drop the power for lighter grass. Again, this conserves battery life, which is a brilliant feature. If you’re tired of gas powered mowers and gummed up carburetors that never start when you need them, the Black & Decker CM2043C is one of the premier mowers on the market.

Review Summary

The Black & Decker CM2040 is light weight, has a long solid time at 1 hour, comes with a couple lithium ion batteries and is powerful enough to handle nearly any residential yard work. This mower isn’t going to mow your 10 acre ranch, but it will get your lawns looking nice without breaking your back or your bank. Definitely put this model on your short list of mowers to consider.

Top Features

  • Comes with two 40V batteries
  • Approx 1/3 acre mow time per battery charge
  • 20 inches of wide cutting path
  • AutoSense grass height tech
  • 2 year limited warranty
  • Brushless Motor
  • 59 lbs
Needs Improvement
  • A little more expensive than other models in it’s class
  • Batteries take a long time to charge.
  • Decent cut quality

#4 EGO Power+ 21 Inch 56-Volt Lithium-ion w/ 56V Battery

EGO Power+ LM2000-S 20-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-ion EGO Power+ LM2020SP 20-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-ion Brushless Walk Behind Steel Deck Self-Propelled Lawn Mower - Battery and Charger Not Included


You’ve probably seen some of the commercials on TV for the EGO line of cordless yard equipment, including the EGO Power + electric lawn mower. The first thing I thought when I saw the advertisement was how cool and modern the mower looked. They did a very nice job on the aesthetics of the EGO Power+ battery mower. So much so that it makes you want to go mow the grass (ok, maybe it’s not that cool looking). But it does have some style, that’s for certain. This model is self-propelled, so you will have no problem mowing hilly yards and thicker grass.

As for features and performance, it’s extremely quiet, has a good bit of power(600w High Torque motor) and features a 56 volt battery which gives you up to 2 miles of mowing time. This mower folds up into a very compact unit that makes storage a breeze. If you’re like me, where garage space is at a premium, you’ll be more than satisfied with how little space this mower need when folded down.

A few other cool items to note are the 5 year tool / 3 year battery warranties. LED headlights for those times when you just have to mow your lawn at 2:00am, and multi-adjust height settings for getting the perfect cut.

Review Summary

Cool looking design, solid battery life and enough power to handle nearly any backyard make this one of my top battery powered lawn mower choices. The 5 year warranty is a nice bonus as well. The price is about what you would expect for a 21″ cordless mower, but the single battery and tendency to clog under tall grass bring the EGO Power + down a notch. Still a great mower for the price and features plus it has excellent reviews on Amazon.

Top Features

  • 21 inches cut width
  • Self-propelled
  • Two Batteries 56V lithium
  • Compact folding capability
  • Weather resistant construction
  • Rapid battery charger included
  • Mulching, bagging or discharge capability
  • 30% less noise than gas powered mowers
  • 5 year tool warranty / 3 year battery warranty
Needs Improvement
  • Only 1 battery included
  • Heavier than other models in it’s class
  • Has a tendency to get clogged when mowing very high grass

#5 Snapper XD SXDWM82K 21 Inch Push Lawn Mower Kit w/ 2 Batteries

Snapper XD 82V MAX Cordless Electric 21-Inch Mower Kit with (2) 2.0 Batteries and (1) Rapid ChargerSnapper XD 82V MAX Cordless Electric 21


I’m thoroughly impressed with nearly all of the goodies included with the Snapper XD. This push lawn mower is a beast and while it’s a little more expensive, in the $450 range, if you have some serious mowing to do, and don’t want to go with a gas lawn mower, definitely put the Snapper XD on your short list of lawn mowers to consider.

So you get about 45 minutes mow time from two Briggs & Stratton 82V Lithium-ion batteries (considerably better than a lead acid battery), which is more than enough to handle most residential lawn mowing applications. The a batteries charge very quickly, so even if you do run out of battery power, you don’t have to wait long to get enough charge to finish your mowing job.

This unit is one of the heavier models I reviewed, coming in at 90 pounds, but it still considerably lighter than most gas powered models and relatively easy to maneuver. One Amazon purchaser said that even his 10 year old daughter could push this cordless mower with ease. However, I would like to see them make a self-propelled version of this cordless electric lawn mower just to help a little with the additional weight.

The ergonomics of this lawn mower are great and it looks cool too (that’s important right?) It’s very comfortable to push and it folds up nicely for storage. Neighbors have commented on how quiet it is compared to the old, gas lawn mower I had for years. It’s nice to know that there’s less noise pollution in the neighborhood.

Another nice perk is that there’s a full Snapper yard care system that includes a leaf blower, chain saw, hedge trimmer & weed edger. They all use the same battery system, so it’s a 100% interchangeable system.

Review Summary

The Snapper XD is a serious player in the electric lawn mower game. It has a ton of power from dual 82V lithium batteries and 45 minutes of run time. With easy push button starting and 7 lawn height adjustment settings, you can take down even the tallest grass. This unit is extremely quiet, which will make the neighbors happy and it folds into a very compact size for easy storage. The Snapper XD made my top 5 battery lawn mower list with ease and has solid reviews on most of the popular shopping sites.

Top Features

  • 21″ steel mower deck & cut width with 3 in 1 bag, discharge, mulch options
  • 45 minute run time
  • (2) Briggs & Stratton 82V Lithium Ion 2.0Ah batteries
  • Push button start & 7 position cut height adjustment
  • Extremely quiet
  • Brushless Motor
  • Compact folding for vertical storage
Needs Improvement
  • Heavier than other models at 90 lbs

#6 Sun Joe iON16LM 40-Volt 16-Inch Lawn Mower Kit

Sun Joe iON16LM 40-Volt 16-Inch Brushless Cordless Lawn Mower, Kit (w/4.0-Ah Battery + Quick Charger), ION16LMSun Joe iON16LM 40-Volt 16-Inch Brushless Cordless Lawn Mower, Kit (w/4.0-Ah Battery + Quick Charger), ION16LM


This Sun Joe electric lawn mower model ION16LM is another great option for small to medium sized yards. You get a lot of great features on this mower that you’ll normally find on more expensive units.

We tested the Sun Joe on an 800 sq/foot yard and found that the 40V battery had plenty of life to mow this size lawn. We got about a full hour of run time on a single battery at full charge during out testing. If you have a larger area to mow, we suggest picking up a second battery to have ready, as you’ll definitely need it for larger areas.

The grass height we tested on was about 3 inches tall and dry. The Sun Joe had plenty of power to cut grass at this height and would probably work well on slightly taller grass as well. The 6 position height adjuster will allow you to get the perfect setting for short and tall grass. No mower is going to handle wet grass easily, gas or battery powered, so you should always let your lawn dry up before mowing.

Another thing we liked about this mower is that it’s very light weight and easy to push at only 35 pounds. While it’s not self propelled, we still had no problem pushing it through the 3″ grass with relative ease. This is perfect if you’re having the kids do your mowing, or if you’re older and don’t have the strength to push around a 100lb lawn mower.

The Sun Joe was also one of the quieter battery powered mowers we tested. You can go without hearing protection and be perfectly comfortable with the sound levels, plus it won’t annoy the neighbors if you want to mow early in the morning.

Set up was very easy. Right out of the box all you have to do is fold the upper handle into place, charge up the battery and you’re ready to go. Nothing more to install or put together before your first mow.

Review Summary

The Sun Joe ION16LM is a great option if you need a light weight mower that can handle small to medium sized yards. The price is under $400 when you get the mower + battery/charger combo, which is much less than many of the competitor models. It’s easy to push and maneuver. The battery life is solid at about 1 hour and you can fully recharge it in about 90 minutes. The easy push button start is a nice feature as well as the starter key, which prevents kids from starting the unit without the safety key.

Top Features

  • No pull cords, gas, oil, tune-ups, carbon emissions or tangled extension cords
  • Powerful brushless motor increases battery efficiency, maximizes motor performance, decreases noise and vibration and extends motor life
  • Compact design ideal for small to mid-sized lawns. Cutting options – Bag and discharge chute
  • 6-position height adjustment lever tailors grass cutting height from 1.18 to 3.15 Inch
  • ETL approved; Energy Star certified.Deck Material:ABS Plastic
  • Extremely quiet
  • Compact folding for vertical storage
Needs Improvement
  • Grass bag could be a bit bigger
  • No mulching feature

Best Self Propelled Lawn Mower 2024 – Greenworks 21-Inch M-210-SP Battery Powered

Greenworks 21-Inch 40V Brushless Self-Propelled Mower 6AH Battery and Charger Included, M-210-SPGreenworks 40V 21-Inch Brushless Self-Propelled Mower 6AH Battery and Charger Included, M-210-SP


If you’re looking for a new self propelled mower in 2024, the M-210-SP is one of the latest self propelled battery powered mowers from Greenworks. It features a durable 21″ steel deck which will allow you to tackle big lawns with ease. With this lawn mower you get a quiet brushless motor that has tons of torque and a long life. The 3 in 1 design of this mower allows you to easily rear bag, mulch, or side discharge chute your grass clippings. A great feature you won’t find from many other manufacturers is the dual battery port, which allows you to store one battery, while the 2nd battery powers the mower. When one battery runs low, you have battery number 2 ready to roll, saving you a trip back to the garage.

Other cool features include an onboard USB port for charging cell phones, tablets and devices. The M-210-SP has SmartCut technology which automatically adjusts the cutting height depending on the height of the lawn. Easy push button start is nice as well. When you’re all done, this model folds up into a small footprint for vertical storage. Obviously the self-propelled feature is the main allure for this particular mower. At 70lbs, you don’t even notice the weight, even when mowing thick grass.

This package comes with one 40V Greenworks battery and rapid charger. The 40V GMAX battery is interchangeable with the full line of Greenworks 40V tools, including hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, chainsaws, edgers and snow throwers. You can expect to get about 40 minutes of run time on a fully charged battery and batteries will rapid charge in approximately 30 minutes. Like all Greenworks battery lawn mowers, you get a 4 year warranty on the machine and 2 year warranty on the battery/charger. Yes, the price tag is a bit hefty, but you’re getting a solid self propelled mower in the Greenworks M-210-SP. You’ll be glad you spent a little more on the self propelled model.

Best for Large Yards – Yard Force YF120vRX Lithium-Ion 22″ 3 in 1 Self Propelled Cordless Lawn Mower

Yard Force YOLMX225300 120V 2.5Ah x 2 Lithium-Ion 22” SP 3-in-1 Mower Torque-Sense, One Size, Black/Orangecheck-prices-cta

WOW! Right out of the gate the Yard Force YF120vRX 22 inch self propelled mower is a MONSTER. This unit boasts a 120 voltage RX brushless motor that has torque and power for days. So much so that you’ll think you’re using a gas powered mower which is exactly what you need if you’re going to be mowing larger yards. What makes this battery powered lawn mower especially effective for big yards up to 1/2 acre is the dual battery port, which let’s you run for over 100 minutes when the twin 120v batteries are at full charge. You can recharge a battery in about 30 minutes and be back on the job in no time. This package comes with the mower, (2) 120v Li batteries and the quick charger.

As for the mower construction, it is rock solid and heavy at 109lbs. But don’t let the weight of this electric lawn mower scare you. The self propelled motor makes pushing this unit through tall grass a breeze. The 22″ steel deck converts from bagging, to mulching, to side discharge with no hassle at all and the bag release is smooth and easy. The YF120vRX has easy push button start, single lever mow height adjuster and a quick release adjustable folding handle. Speaking of folding, this model folds down to 70% of it’s normal size. This makes storage in your garage or shed so easy. So the bottom line with the Yard Force is that if you have some serious lawn to cut, I’m talking in the 1/2 acre or more range, this beast will handle it without issue. You’ll think you’re using a gas mower with all the power on tap. You’ll find the price tag to be on the higher end, but let me tell you that you’re getting so much bang for the buck with this model, that you’ll quickly forget about the price once you start mowing down the back 40 of your property at record speeds. This battery lawn mower has excellent ratings and product reviews by people by people who have actually used it to cut their own grass.

Best Electric Battery Riding Mower – Ryobi 38 in Electric Rear Engine RY48111

Ryobi 38 inches 100 Ah Battery Electric Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower RY48111


If you have an extremely large area of lawn to maintain, having a riding mower is essential. If you also like the convenience and simple maintenance of a battery operated mower, you’re going to love the Ryobi 38″ electric rear engine riding mower. While there are still not a lot of options for battery riding mowers, Ryobi has a winner on it’s hands with the RY48111. This model looks like a hybrid of a riding mower and dune buggy. Don’t let the looks fool you as this Ryobi mower can handle seriously tough lawns..hills and all.

If you’re worried about the battery life of this mower, don’t. You will get 2.5 hours run time from the 48V 100 Ah battery, which will let you mow approximately 2.5 acres of lawn with side discharge. To charge the mower, simply plug it into any standard 120v outlet. Some of the other features included with this lawn mower are LED headlights, USB phone charger, cruise control, 38″ dual blade deck and 12 position manual deck adjustment. According to other owners, you can safely take this mower on 10-15% inclines without spinning the wheels. At 595 pounds, you will want to avoid soft or wet areas of your yard. You will easily leave some major tire tracks in the ground or even get stuck. Just something to be aware of.

If you choose to go with this Ryobi, you’ll not only have a reliable machine that can handle even the largest mowing jobs, but you’ll be helping the environment by removing the harmful gas fumes produced by traditional riding mowers. It’s definitely a big investment, but riding mowers have never been cheap. In comparison to equivalent gas riding mowers, the Ryobi is a value and one you should consider. Be sure to check out the product reviews & videos on this riding mower. You’ll be surprised how good the ratings are by real world users.

Best Robotic Lawn Mower – Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 315

Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 315X Robotic Lawn Mower


If you’re all about new “smart” technology then a robotic lawn mower just might be what you need to keep your lawn looking great while you sit back and watch the football game. Can you image how much time you’ll have for activities when you let your new robot mower handle the yard care duties? Believe me, it’s got my attention as well. So here’s the specs and details for this Husqvarna model. The AutoMower 315 Robotic Mower weighs about 20 pounds and has a 70 minute mow time on full charge. You can charge the battery in one hour. The 315 can be adjusted to cut the lawn from 0.8″ to 2.4″. The max incline this mower can handle is approximately 22 degrees.

To set things up, you will need to have boundary wires installed around your yard either by yourself or an authorized installer. These keep the mower on your property. After all, you don’t want to be mowing your neighbors yard right? You will also need to install the Connect@Home app on your mobile device. From there you can set and adjust the mowing schedule. The Bluetooth connectivity works up to 100 feet. Next, the Automower will train itself to learn your yard so it can smartly mow your lawn perfectly every time. The grass clippings are cut very fine and act as natural fertilizer for your grass. No bags to empty or endless raking.

The Automower mower is so quiet you can schedule it for night mowing without bothering the neighbors. Imagine waking up to a gorgeous lawn after a good nights sleep. Rain or shine, the Husqvarna AutoMower will keep your yard looking amazing while you spend your free time doing the things you enjoy.

Cordless Lawn Mower Buyers Guide

Even though most of the cordless lawn mowers on the market today are very similar, it’s a good idea to educate yourself on a few of the details for what you should be looking at in a new battery mower. Take a second to read through this buyers guide and you’ll have no problem picking the right lawn mower for your lawn.

Battery Voltage & Run Time

You probably noticed that there are some different battery voltages in the units I reviewed above. Anywhere from 40V up to 84V. So does this mean the 84V battery will last twice as long as a 40V battery? Not necessarily, while you will get more run time from the larger voltage battery, the voltage is similar to the horsepower of the lawnmower. The higher voltage battery, the more power the electric engine can produce. The higher voltage lawnmowers will generally cost more than lower voltage models, so take that into consideration when choosing a model.

Mower Blade Cut Width

This is fairly self explanatory. A 19″ cut width will cut less grass in a single pass than a 21″ cut width. While this may not seem like much, it’s usually best to get the most cut width you can afford, but don’t sacrifice battery voltage or other nice features just for the larger cutting width.

Lawn Mower Weight

This can be a big deal, especially for homeowners who are older or not able to push a traditional, heavy gas powered mower. Most of the cordless mowers weigh between 40 an 90 pounds, and you will notice the difference in weight after pushing it for 30 minutes, especially in thicker grass. A mower in the 50-60 pound range will be powerful, yet light enough for just about anyone to use without problem.

Consider Going Self-Propelled

The benefits of using Self Propelled Lawn Mower

  • You don’t have to push the mower around
  • You can use the mower on uneven and hilly lawns
  • You can use clipping bag that would be to heavy for a push mower
  • You can enjoy features like electric starter

Self Propelled walk behind mowers usually have a 5 to 7 HP four-stroke engine and a cutting swath 21 or 22 inches wide, allowing you to cover more ground with each pass.

Most self propelled push mowers provide three cutting modes: bagging, which gathers clippings in a removable catcher; side-discharging, which spews clippings onto the lawn; and mulching, which cuts and re-cuts clippings until they’re small enough to settle and decompose within the lawn.

Mulching is the most recommended method by lawn specialists because it leaves the clippings on the lawn, producing fertilizer for the grass and contributing to better soil. If you are cutting thick, high grass then you might prefer bagging and the self propelled mower helps you carry more load each time

Single vs. Dual Blades

This comes down to personal preference really. The only mower I tested with dual blades was the Poulan and it performed nicely, but not any better than the single blade models. This was the first dual blade lawnmower that I had ever used, but I don’t think it’s a “must have” feature. More importantly is keeping your blades sharp. Using a mower with a dull blade will look like you tried to mow your lawn with butter knife.

Corded Lawn Mowers vs. Cordless Mowers

Electric Lawn Mowers

The big issue for corded electric lawn mowers is having to deal with that power cable. The cable clearly limits just how far you can you can go from your power source. Also if you have trees, shrubs and garden ornaments to navigate around then this becomes increasingly difficult with a cable trailing behind you. To increase your range you could use an extension cable, but this has serious safety implications in that it increases the risk of running over and accidentally cutting the cable. Also makes it more likely that your cable will become tangled up along the way.

Cordless Electric Battery Powered Lawn Mowers

Cordless electric lawn mowers have no such limitations. You just have to make sure that your battery is fully charged and you can mow away without having to worry about an electric cable. The range of your mower will be limited of course by how long the battery will hold its charge; the premium lawnmowers have batteries that will allow it to mow a third of an acre from a single charge. If your lawn is larger than this then you could purchase a model where you can remove the battery. This then gives you the option of buying a second battery to increase the range of the mower; simply swap over the batteries when the charge of the first one has run down.

Having a battery on board does increase the weight of the lawn mower slightly, but they’re still easy to push around your yard.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best electric lawn mower to buy?

After reviewing over 20 battery powered lawn mowers, we chose the Greenworks model GLM801601 as the top pick for 2022.  This is based on performance, battery run time, price, current customer reviews and ease of use.

Are electric lawn mowers worth it?

Electric lawn mowers are definitely worth the price, but they’re not great for every situation.  They are perfect for small to medium sized yards.  They require almost no maintenance and the battery life for most of these mowers is enough to handle these size yards.

However if you have a large piece of property to mow, a gas powered mower is going to do a better job as you won’t have to worry about swapping out batteries and the additional power in a gas mower will serve you better.

How long do electric lawn mowers last?

The life of battery mowers will depend on the brand you buy, but in general you can expect it to last about 10 years.  You may have to purchase new batteries for the mower during that time frame, but if you maintain the mower properly, there’s no reason it won’t work well for the better part of ten years or more.

What are the pros and cons of an electric lawn mower?
  • No sparkplugs to change.
  • No fuel filters to change.
  • No oil to change.
  • No gasoline to fiddle with.
  • They may save money over time (check out this graph for more info)
  • They’re better for the environment.
  • They’re quieter than traditional mowers.
Do battery powered mowers need oil?

There’s no requirement for oil in your electric lawn mower.  In fact there is very little maintenance to perform at all.  This is one of the nice benefits of a battery powered mower over a gas mower.

Can I mow wet grass with an electric mower?

Cutting wet grass is not recommended with an electric or gas mower.  Wet grass is extremely difficult for mower mowers to cut and bag and it can put unnecessary wear and tear on your mower.  We suggest you only mow once your grass has dried sufficiently.

Are electric mowers waterproof?

Lawnmowers in general are water resistant, but not water proof.  For this reason, we suggest you store your mower indoors when not being used.  It will help keep the internal components dry and keep your mower running well for much longer.

How long do batteries last on cordless mowers?

In addition to being compatible with other RYOBI machines, this mower’s lithium-ion battery lasts up to 40 minutes on a full charge. If your lawn is well-maintained, this gives you plenty of time to mow your yard before you need to recharge the battery. The mower can house up to two batteries. Jan 23, 2020

What size mower do I need for a small yard?
Lightweight Electric Lawn Mowers Greenworks G-MAX 40V Cordless Lawn Mower. Sun Joe 24V-X2-17LM 48-Volt Mulching Walk-Behind Lawn Mower w/Grass Catcher. EGO 20 in. Walk Behind-Self Propelled, Cordless Mower Kit. Lawn-Boy 17732 Kohler XTX OHV, 3-in-1 Discharge Rear Wheel Drive Self Propelled Lawn Mower.
What is a brushless lawn mower?
Brushless lawnmowers guarantee efficiency and are easy and comfortable to use. If you have a small yard/lawn, then you will benefit significantly if you go with a brushless lawnmower. Its battery is excellent for expert gardeners or for those who have tiny spaces to mow.
Can you recharge a dead lawn mower battery?
Usually you can revive a battery by charging it for a few hours, but if that doesn’t work, testing it with a multimeter will determine if is it dead or if another part of the electrical system is at fault. Maintaining a fully charged lawn mower battery can extend battery life for four to five years.
Can electric lawn mowers overheat?
Electric or cordless lawn mowers have a thermal safety cut out. This means that if the engine is getting too hot then the motor will shut down to stop it burning out. Overheating most often occurs when you are trying to cut grass that is too long or too wet.
Can I store my electric lawn mower outside?
Can I store my lawn mower outside in the winter? You can store your mower outside in winter, but it isn’t ideal. If you must store your lawn mower long-term in your yard, make sure it is elevated, so that it doesn’t sit directly on the ground. This will allow air to circulate in order to keep it more dry.
Can cordless mowers mulch?
One of the best things about this battery powered lawn mower is that it has a 3 in 1 design, enabling it to catch, mulch plug, and side throw so that you can cut the lawn whilst fertilizing and aerating at the same time.
How do you mow small areas?
Cut small areas of grass with shears. Hold the handle of the grass shears so that the cutting blades are parallel to the ground. Grip the handle and squeeze to cause the shear blades to close and cut the grass. Move the shears slowly across the yard, cutting small areas of grass at a time. Things You Will Need.
Do electric mowers cut thick grass?
Yes, an electric mower can cut thick grass, but only on flat terrain. Unlike a gas-powered model, an electric mower may lack the power and ability to mow uphill or on sloppy grounds. Also, it may be a suitable choice if you want to mow tall, thick grass or even weeds.
Can I jump a lawn mower battery with a car battery?
You can jump the mower with the battery in your car or with a portable jump-starter, but you can only use your car battery if your mower has a 12-volt battery. In addition, you can’t use your portable jump-starter to jump a 6-volt battery if it doesn’t have a 6-volt setting.
How do you mow your lawn in tight spaces?
A basically square or rectangular lawn with few obstacles is easy to mow with an old-fashioned push mower. You can also use a small electric mower designed especially for small yards. It requires no gas or batteries; instead, you just plug it in and use a long extension cord.

From the Experts

The late David G. Halford became interested in old lawn mowers in 1974 when he was asked, as Senior Lecturer in Horticultural Machinery at the Lancashire College of Agriculture and Horticulture, to look after some old lawn mowers belonging to the County Council. Some of the first ones that arrived at the college were very old and so different from modern machines that, when he commenced restoring them, he became so interested that he tried to find out something of their history.

Sir Geoffrey Allan Jellicoe RA VMH was an English architect, town planner, landscape architect, garden designer, lecturer and author. His strongest interest was in landscape and garden design.

The resources of soil fertility in the world are discussed in relation to their exploitation, degradation or enhancement by the systems of agriculture practiced by various ancient and modern civilizations.

Jack E. Ingels is a distinguished professor in the department of plant science at the State University of New York at Cobleskill. He is a member of the Associated Landscape Contractors of America and was named one of the top ten landscape educators in America by Lawn and Landscape magazine. Mr. Ingles has written numerous publications about ornamental horticulture.

Rita Buchanan is the coeditor and co-author of TAYLOR'S MASTER GUIDE TO GARDENING as well as many other books. A botanist, horticulturist, and passionate gardener and designer, she turned a featureless cow pasture into a glorious garden landscape surrounding her home. She resides in Connecticut.

Recent Patents in the Lawn Mower Industry


An electric lawn mower includes: a body; a cutting element  disposed on the body and a driving assembly driving the cutting element; a battery pack accommodating cavity  provided with conductive electrode sheets  for insertion of at least two battery packs ; a shielding mechanism  provided in the battery pack accommodating cavity  and being movable relative to the conductive electrode sheet, where the shielding mechanism  has a protection state of shielding the conductive electrode sheet and a working state of releasing shielding of the conductive electrode sheet to expose the conductive electrode sheet; and an elastic member  disposed between an inner wall of the battery pack accommodating cavity and the shielding mechanism and configured to apply a restoring force to the shielding mechanism , to provide the shielding mechanism with a tendency of moving toward the protection state or maintaining the protection state. The electric lawn mower can avoid an electric shock accident caused by accidental touch of the conductive electrode sheet, and has good safety performance An electric wheeled vehicle, a battery device, and an electric tool are also provided.
Inventor:  Yong Qiao


The improved battery-powered lawnmower includes a safety key that is automatically removed when the removable battery is removed, while at the same time blocking the battery recharger receptacle. The lawnmower also includes a control circuit that shuts off the lawnmower upon the occurrence of one or more of several predetermined conditions, including low battery voltage, the encountering of heavy grass for a period of 3 seconds or more, and high motor current that may occur when the cutting blade is jammed. The cutting blade is designed to move through any debris accumulated between the blade ends and the housing sidewall without sacrificing the lift for needed cutting and mulching. The invention also includes a unique height adjustment assembly for adjusting the height of the chassis, a handle attachment that allows the handle to be positively tightened to the lawnmower chassis, and a telescoping groove for the battery’s quick connect/disconnect terminals.
Inventor:  Patrick J. Bruener


In an electric lawn mower, a rechargeable battery and an electric motor activatable by the battery are mounted in a machine body section, and a cutter blade is provided within a cutter housing and rotatable via the electric motor to cut grass. Cover member collectively covers the battery and electric motor. The cover member is shaped to progressively slant upward in a front-to-rear direction of the machine body section, and the cover member has an opening formed in its lower front end portion and an air vent formed in its rear end portion to thereby permit ventilation from the opening to the air vent such that the battery and electric motor can be cooled by air flows.
Inventor: Tetsuo Iida


This paper presents the fabrication and working of a smart solar grass cutter. In this work, we have developed a solar-powered lawn mower and thus saved energy by decreasing air pollution and reducing labor cost. In the old model, cutting iron was used. Due to its high environmental impact, it was the most expensive cutter used by the engine. We have utilized a microcontroller in our project to control the different lawn mower actions. Two DC gear motors (10,000 RPM, starting current 1.7 A and no load current 1.5 A) are used to move the solar grass cutter, and one DC blade motor (7000–13,000 RPM, starting current 0.7 A and no load current 0.45 A) is used to cut the grass quickly. With current technology, this new prototype is designed as a remotely controlled grass cutter using Arduino UNO. The Smart Solar tracker is controlled via Bluetooth by using a smartphone. The Smart Solar Grass Cutter can run for more than two hours when the battery is completely charged.

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