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Hey there. My name is Christian, the head honcho around here,  and I appreciate you taking the time to read some of our reviews and articles at  I like to

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Lawn Care Tools & Gardening Tips

See the essential gear you need to have an amazing looking yard. Browse our helpful yard care & gardening articles for
creating a beautiful backyard space you can enjoy year round.

Controlling Moles & Voles in Your Yard

I’m going to go over moles and voles. We are going to look at their differences and how you can and can’t control them. We will even touch on some positive things related to them.

Tips for Growing Amazing Tomatos

Even though we are getting towards the end of the 2021 growing season in the area of the country that I live in, I wanted to share some great tomato growing tips.

Best Patio Gazebos 2022

There are many choices out there, from a hard top gazebo, metal roof gazebo, to an enclosed gazebo, making it difficult to come to a decision. Don’t sweat it though, we put together a list of the 7 best patio gazebos of 2022.

Swimming Pool Landscaping Tips​

Having a swimming pool in your landscape can make it look more scenic and increase its aesthetic value. Check out the types of pools available to a landscaper and landscaping ideas that work well.

More Ideas for The Backyard

How to Safely Sharpen Your Mower Blade

Learn how to safely sharpen your old, dull lawn mower blades to get a perfect cut and improve the performance of your mower. It's relatively simple with a few tools

Lawnmower Repair - Troubleshooting Problems

From time to time you might have some trouble with your lawn mower. Many of them are minor and you can save yourself lots of money just by localizing the problem and then see if you can fix it yourself.

Lawn Mower Comparison Guide

Given the wide variety of lawn mowers available – there are literally hundreds of different types to choose from – you should think carefully before you buy. Given the wide variety of lawn mowers available .

Top Battery Hedge Trimmers

So you’re thinking of investing in a good battery powered hedge trimmer to get your yard looking amazing. We put together a list of the best electric trimmers on the market.

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