Poulan Lawn Mowers – The Next Generation of Lawn Care

poulan line of lawn mowersWhen choosing a mower for your yard, it is advisable to do some serious research before spending your hard earned cash. Various companies have different reputations in power lawn mower products. Poulan provides the latest and high quality mowers and yard care machines at reasonable costs. Nothing cuts like a Poulan Pro lawn mower. Poulan offers a wide range of lawn mower parts and accessories to meet the demand of all customers.

There is a wide range of lawn mowers that suit the need of every person. Depending on your abilities and level of experience, you are free to choose from various brands available. A Poulan Pro lawn mower can fall under the following categories.

Electric Lawn Mowers

With both cordless and corded models available, customers are free to choose the right option depending on their situation. Cordless models use a rechargeable battery, which provides clean-energy grass mowing. Examples of electrical lawn mowers include:

  • Black and Decker 19-in self propelled
  • 20-inch corded electrical mower
  • Black and Decker 18-inch 6.5- ample electric lawn mower

Gas Lawn Mowers

These mowers use unleaded gasoline to carry out their functions. You can choose from different models such as the self-propelled lawn mowers, high horse power mowers, and adjustable heights mowers for custom cutting. Examples of gas lawn mowers include:

  • Poulan 20-inch gas lawn mower
  • Poulan Pro 21-inch high wheel 2-n-1 push lawn mower

Reel Lawn Mowers

Reel lawn mowers are time tested lawn mowers which work without fuel. They have adjustable cutting heights that ensure effective lawn mowing. They also have all the Poulan lawn mower parts that make them effective and attractive.

Poulan Pro PB19542LT 19.5 HP 6-Speed Lawn Tractor, 42-Inch

· It has 19.5HP Briggs
· Has a Stratton Engine
· It has a 42-Inch Deck
· Has six speed gear transmission drive
· It has a manual clutch
· Rear Tires have 20-Inch Turf Saver

· It is durable
· Has high quality
· It is affordable
· Works efficiently

Poulan Pro 960730023 Soft-Sided Grass Bagger for Poulan Pro 42-inch Riding Lawn Mowers


· Fits Poulan Pro forty two inch riding lawn mowers
· Soft-Sided lawn Bagger
· It has chutes and all necessary hardware

Besides getting any Poulan pro lawn mower, customers can also purchase different Poulan Pro parts that are readily available. Examples of these products include control blades, trail shields, reflectors, knobs, wheel assemblies, and mulching blades. In addition, customers can get other Poulan products such as tillers, tractors, blowers, trimmers and chainsaws.

The quality of a mower determines the quality of the work performed. Mowers of low quality are also prone to wear and tear. Bush clearing or lawn cutting is very necessary, especially over large tracts of land. Therefore, ensure that your field is weed-free by using an ideal Poulan Pro lawn mower. However, to ensure that the mover remains in a good working condition, carry out maintenance practices on different Poulan lawn mower. Such practices include cleaning the mower after use, sharpening the blade, regular servicing, and proper storage.

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About the Poulan Brand

Poulan is a brand name of the Swedish manufacturer Husqvarna AB, once a component of the Swedish conglomerate Electrolux. In 2006 Electrolux spun off Husqvarna AB into its own company, with Poulan nested beneath.

Company Website: http://www.poulan.com

Parent Company Website: http://corporate.husqvarna.com/

The Poulan brand name is used primarily for outdoor power equipment, such as chainsaws, lawn mowers, and leaf blowers, aimed at the mid-level consumer market. Since Poulan is owned by Husqvarna, the two brands often share technologies. In recent years Poulan has offered a more upscale “Poulan Pro” brand employing a black and gold color scheme instead of Poulan’s traditional green. As a result, Poulan products have been pushed even further upmarket.

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