by Christian Rogers | Updated 10/20/2020

The Best Propane Fire Pits for 2020

Outland Living Series 401 Brown 44-Inch Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit

Outland Living Series 401 Brown 44-Inch Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table, Black Tempered Tabletop w/Arctic Ice Glass Rocks and Resin Wicker Panels, Espresso Brown/Rectangle. 35,000 BTU for terrific flame presence while the push button spark ignition .

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Best Choice Products 52-inch 50,000 BTU Gas Fire Pit Table

The perfect combination of style and functionality on your patio or in the backyard, with a beautiful wicker design and aluminum tabletop.Intelligently crafted with a pullout gas tank holder, so you can change your propane tank in a flash .

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Fire Pits & Fire Tables For Your Backyard

I like to think of the fire pit as the heart of the backyard.  A place where friends and family can gather year round and enjoy good conversation over a cold beverage. With the right outdoor fireplace, you can also add an elegant focal point that will beautify your backyard space for years to come.

Choosing a high quality, outdoor gas powered fire pit for your yard is no easy task mind you.  There are dozens of options, styles and finishes available in both gas fire pits and wood burning fireplaces.

For this article, I wanted to test out a bunch of propane powered fire pits/ fireplaces that would work for nearly any backyard.  I chose several different styles and price points and came up with 5 picks that are the best options for adding some fire to your yard.

Here is a comparison table showing some of the main features of the fire pits I tested.

1. Fire Sense Longmont 35-Inch Fire Pit Table

Fire Sense Longmont 35-Inch Propane Gas Fire Pit Table

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If you’re ready to add a high quality fire table to your patio at an affordable price, the Longmont 35″ unit is the way to go.  With up to 40,000 BTUs of warmth you’ll have plenty of heat in an attractive antique bronze finish. You also get a cast aluminum lid which not only protects the heating unit, but makes a nice flat table when you’re not being used as a fire table.

All in all, it’s hard to find a major con to this unit. It’s easy to light, it produces plenty of heat, and it stays lit as long as I need it to. The price is very reasonable for this well built unit that will last for many years, so it’s worth the investment if you’re looking for the best outdoor fireplace for the money.

Review Summary

You can definitely spend a lot more on a fire table, but this model by Fire Sense will be the talk of your patio. It’s made from high quality materials, absolutely cranks out the heat and comes with all of the accessories you need to start enjoying an outdoor fire right away. This is a fire table that will last for many, many years. You will spend many evenings enjoying a beautiful fire with this fireplace.

Top Features

  • Powder-coated antique bronze finish is resistant to rust
  • Included fire pit cover makes conversion to a flat surface easy
  • 40,000 BTU rated stainless steel burner provides a beautiful full flame
  • Compatible with standard 20-pound liquid propane tanks
  • 18lb bag of clear fire glass included.
  • Natural gas conversion kit included.

2. Napoleon Hamptons Patioflame 42″ Square Fire Table

Napoleon Hamptons Patioflame 42-Inch Square Propane Gas Fire Table


The Napoleon Hamptons patioflame is one of the nicest fire tables under $1000 that I had the chance to test.   The 40,000 BTU’s provide ample heat and the burners stay lit even with a mild breeze.   With this model you also receive 7 pounds of topaz glass which produces a beautiful reflective flame. Assembly is relatively easy and took about 30 minutes. The burner cover makes converting the pit into a nice bistro table super easy.
The built in thermocoupler valve is a great feature that a lot of low end fire pits don’t have.  If the wind blows the flame out or if the flame is disturbed, the gas supply will automatically be shut off to avoid propane waste.

At just over 90lbs, this table is easy enough to move around with an extra set of hands to help.  The included natural gas conversion kit will allow you to hook into a natural gas line if you have one plumbed to your patio area.

Review Summary

I’m a big fan of the Napoleon brand of grills and barbecue’s and this fire table is no exception.  The fit & finish is excellent and it’s very sturdy with top quality materials and construction.  The grey color goes with just about any patio decor color.  This is definitely a model to consider and the price isn’t bad at under $1000

Top Features

  • Easy start ignition delivers instant heat and flames
  • Thermocouple valve turns off gas if the flame is disrupted preventing leaks and wastage
  • Neutral gray color matches any decor
  • Includes table, burner, burner cover, 7 1/2 lbs of topaz glass, and propane to natural gas converter

Needs Improvement

  • Cover not included

3.  Outdoor GreatRoom Company Naples 48-Inch  Fire Pit Table

Outdoor GreatRoom Company Naples 48-Inch Rectangular Propane Gas Fire Pit Table with 20-Inch Round Crystal Fire Burner


The Naples 48″ table is one of the pricier fire tables that we tested, but with the higher price tag comes some amazing quality and features that are well worth the cost.  The quality of the polyresin wicker is very nice and the solid surface tempered glass top has plenty of room for drinks and food  With a low height of 21 inches, it converts to a nice sized patio seating table when the fire bowl insert is in place.

This unit comes with a stainless steel burner unit which will last for years and comes 10lbs of fire glass providing an amazing dancing flame. With a higher initial price, it’s nice that it comes with these two high-quality items included.

It’s compatible with standard 20lb barbecue propane tanks, and it features an impressive heat output of 55,000 BTUs. The gas is easier to light than many low-end fireplaces, with a simple manual push button option.

With a listed burning time of nearly 11 hours, you won’t have to worry about this fireplace running out of fuel quickly. While I haven’t used it for quite that long, I can confirm that it lasts long enough to feed a large family’s appetite for s’mores. We used it all night with no noticeable difference in heat.

Review Summary

Sturdy poly resin wicker combined with a tempered glass top and stainless steel burner makes this an all around quality fire table that will last for years to come.  Easy to assemble and your propane tank is well concealed under the table.  I like everything about this model from looks to construction.

Top Features

  • All-weather wicker outer material with powder coated aluminum frame
  • 55,000 BTU rated Crystal Fire stainless steel burner provides a beautiful full flame
  • Battery powered spark ignition system offers simple control over the burner
  • Includes black glass burner cover and 10 lbs of diamond glass fire gems for a sparkling flame effect
  • Rectangular; 22 x 36 x 48 inches; 1 Year Warranty; UL Listed

Needs Improvement

  • Cover not included

4. Endless Summer GAD1401M Gas Outdoor Fireplace

Endless Summer GAD1401M LP Gas Table Outdoor Fire Pit with Tile Mantel and Lava Rock, Fireplace, Brownshop-amazon

The Endless Summer fire pit is one of the most affordable yet high-quality outdoor gas fireplaces that I tested. Though it’s low in price, it includes everything that you need to get started, including lava rocks to cover the burner and a protective weather-proof cover. Just buy a standard 5-gallon propane tank and light it up.

The unit feels sturdy and durable, but it’s also lightweight enough that you can assemble it yourself without much trouble. It’s compact and attractive. On the other hand, unlike some of my other top picks, it wouldn’t work very well as a centerpiece for me. The surface area is too small to hold many drinks or plates, and there’s no cover for the burner — just a fabric cover to protect the entire unit. It’s better as a dedicated fireplace.

With a heat output of up to 30,000 BTUs, this fire pit doesn’t get as hot as some others. This could be a pro or a con, depending on your needs. If you’re looking for something to keep your patio warm during cold months, this probably isn’t the outdoor gas fireplace for you. If you need something with minimal heat for warmer weather, this fireplace is ideal.

This fire pit can also be a bit difficult to use at times, because getting the flame to stay on requires some finagling. Those difficulties are the exception rather than the rule, though it would be nice to have a seamless experience every time. In general, it’s pleasurable to use and well worth the money.

Review Summary

I wanted to include at least one fire pit that would work for just about anyone’s budget.  The Endless Summer GAD1401M is the perfect balance of quality and price. Sure it’s not as fancy as a couple of the other fireplaces I tested, but it puts out a fair amount of heat, has some room for drinks and looks nice as well.  You may have even seen this unit at Home Depot or Lowes as well.  If you are looking for an affordable way to add a fire centerpiece to your backyard, you won’t go wrong with the Endless Summer model.

Top Features

  • Made of weather-resistant steel
  • Lava rocks included
  • Comes with cover
  • Elegant look

Needs Improvement

  • Tricky to get the flame to stay lit when breezy
  • Not as much heat as other tested fireplaces

5. AZ Patio Heaters GS-F-PC Propane Fire Pit

AZ Patio Heaters GS-F-PC Propane Fire Pit, 40,000 BTU, Square, Antique Bronze Finish


My last pick for the top 5 outdoor gas fireplaces is the AZ Patio Heater. It has a couple perks that make it a great choice. First, it’s extremely affordable. At a fraction of the cost of some of the other top choices, it’s a much more accessible gas fireplace.

Secondly, you can pay a bit extra to have it professionally installed. Though I didn’t opt for that route, it’s a very useful option for those who need to set it up alone or don’t have tools. This fireplace is incredibly heavy, so it’s nearly impossible to move it around without some help. With an extra hand or two, though, assembly was relatively easy.

This unit comes with glass beads, but they’re not very attractive-looking. It also doesn’t come with a cover of any kind. However, since the price is so low, you can splurge on some attractive glass or rocks and a nice sturdy cover.

The burner on this fireplace produces plenty of heat, and it’s compatible with standard barbecue propane tanks. The flame is easily adjustable. The surface is somewhat larger and taller than I was expecting for an outdoor fireplace, but it can still be used as a table when it’s not in use.

As a whole, this fireplace feels sturdy and durable. The paint, however, is another story. It looks rustic, but it’s easily tarnished by water. This should be an easy thing to prevent with some simple wax protectant, and given the low cost, it seems a worthwhile trade-off.

Review Summary

What I really liked about the AZ Patio Heaters fire pit was the solid construction and nice metal finish.  The top was prone to tarnishing, but that’s not uncommon with many of the metal fire pits like this one.  The glass beads aren’t the most attractive of the bunch, but the price tag on the AZ is very affordable, so you can easily afford to upgrade to nicer fire glass. The flame adjusts easy and puts out plenty of heat.  The table top also has a lot of room for drinks and other items.

Top Features

  • Affordable price
  • Classic, simple look
  • Produces 40,000 BTUs of heat
  • Glass beads included
  • Easy to assemble

Needs Improvement

  • Very heavy
  • Easily tarnished surface
  • Cover not included


High End Propane Fire Pits

Our top 5 list above includes some high quality, affordable fire pit and fire table options, however if you’re looking to make a real statement in your backyard and have a little more money to invest, check out these premium fire pits that will be the showcase of your patio area.  All of the models we reviewed are made from the highest quality materials and the finishes are unmatched.  They’re not cheap mind you, but you definitely get what you pay for with these fire tables.  They are guaranteed to be the talk of your entertaining space. 

1. Real Flame Sedona 52-Inch Rectangle LP Fire Table

Real Flame C11812LP Sedona 52-Inch Rectangle LP Fire Table


The Sedona 52-Inch Rectangular Gas fire table will create a spectacular centerpiece in your backyard and fun place to gather with friends and family. This fire pit is extremely durable, with a natural looking flagstone top and base made from stacked stone. Enjoy warmth and ambiance with a maximum of 65,000 BTUs of heat. You can hook up a normal 20 pound propane take or even convert it to natural gas with the included conversion kit. You may need professional installation for a natural gas hookup. Simple and easy startup with the push button ignition, leveling feet, lava rock filler & protective cover. This is a very nice option for any backyard space.

Review Summary

I really like the solid, durable construction of this unit combined with the amazing 65,000 btu output.  The stone top and sides are very stylish and will work well with many patio decors.

Top Features

  • 65,000 BTU burner quickly warms up the surrounding area
  • Burns for 7 hours on high or 20 hours on low to optimize fuel levels
  • CSA Certified ensures that it meets quality standards
  • Features a push button ignition for simple and fast startup

Needs Improvement

  • No propane tank storage (but they have a cover option which doubles as a side table)
  • Fairly heavy at 131 lbs.

2. Real Flame Baltic Gray Fire Pit Table Rectangle

Real Flame Baltic 50-Inch Rectangle Propane
Transform your outdoor space for entertaining with the clean style of a Genuine Fire Baltic rectangular fire table. Cast from a high performance, lightweight fiber-concrete that is tinted to the surface color for raised outdoor resilience. This fire table comes full with lava rock filler and also a matching cover for when the burner is not being used. The Baltic Collection also includes an electronic ignition. Concrete product color will be exact however actual surface may be slightly different from the photos.
Top Features
  • Electronic fire pit ignition makes starting the fire easy
  • Concrete is tinted the color of the finish and not painted
  • CSA certified for safety
  • Small black lava rock, burner cover and 8 foot gas hose are included

3. Napoleon Muskoka Patioflame 50-Inch Square Propane Gas Fire Pit Table

Napoleon Muskoka Patioflame 50-Inch Square Propane Gas Fire Pit Table


This beautiful fire table is the Napoleon Muskoka Square Patioflame Table. This 50-inch flame table is a perfect outdoor lighting option that produces 60,000 BTUs of heat in dancing flames. The handcrafted cast aluminum table frame is designed with durability in mind, and the Topaz Crystaline glass ember bed adds to the beauty of the fire.

The thermocouple valve prevents leaks and wastage by cutting off the gas when the flame is disrupted, and drainage holes in the stainless steel burner provides extra protection from rainwater in case you forget to use your cover. This flame table includes a burner, matching burner cover, 7 1/2 lbs of topaz glass, table with easy access doors to store propane tanks, and a propane to natural gas converter.

Top Features of this Propane Fire Table

  • Easy start ignition delivers instant heat and flames
  • Thermocouple valve turns off gas if the flame is disrupted preventing leaks and wastage
  • Stainless steel burner provides 60,000 BTUs of heat in dancing flames and ambient light
  • Includes table, burner, matching burner cover, 7 lbs of topaz glass, and propane to natural gas converter

4. The Outdoor GreatRoom Company Uptown Black Fire Pit Table

The Outdoor GreatRoom Company Uptown Black Fire Pit Table Rectangle


Include a modern-day style to your home with this elegant fire pit table from The Outdoor GreatRoom Company. The Uptown is made with clean, straightforward lines, as well as crafted to showcase a sensational radiant fire that is sure to warm up your outdoor area.

This fire pit table includes an one-of-a-kind tiered table design with a porcelain tiled lower tier, an exterior rated stucco top rate, as well as matching stucco base for a truly contemporary appearance. Resting in the top is a CF-1242 Crystal Fire heater with ruby tinted fire gems that is ranked for up to 100,000 BTUs to provide a trendy fire presence. Consisted of are a gray glass heater cover and also 15 pounds of diamond glass fire gems to create a gleaming fire result. Including electronic piezo controls, this fire pit lights with the push of a switch as well as lets you conveniently adjust the fire height.

This Crystal Fire heater is geared up with a key shutoff control panel, permitting you to limit control over the flame height. A gain access to door supplies very discreet storage space for a standard 20 pound gas storage tank. Gets here configured for propane however can be transformed to gas. Whether holding parties or just relaxing on the patio, the Uptown Fire Pit Table will give many cozy, beautiful fires for you to enjoy for years to find.

Top Fire Pit Features

  • 100,000 BTUs rated Crystal Fire stainless steel burner provides a beautiful full flame
  • Includes grey glass burner cover and 15 lbs of diamond glass fire gems for a sparkling flame effect
  • Key valve control panel allows you to restrict control over the flame height
  • Compatible with standard 20-pound liquid propane tanks

5. The Outdoor GreatRoom Company Vintage Wood Fire Pit Table Square

The Outdoor GreatRoom Company Vintage Wood Fire Pit Table Square


Include a rustic style to your home with this vintage fire pit table from The Outdoor GreatRoom Co.. The Classic functions a troubled cedar base that will certainly continue to age and also use as time goes on, and also a wood-look floor tile top engineered to display a stunning beautiful fire that makes certain to heat up your outdoor space. The included CF-2424 crystal fire heater is rated for as much as 105,000 BTUs and is finished in Honey Radiance Brown to enhance the all-natural feel and look of the table.

Included are a glass heater cover and 20 pounds of diamond glass fire gems to develop a sparkling fire impact. Including digital piezo controls, this fire pit lights with the push of a button and allows you easily change the flame elevation. An accessibility door supplies discreet storage space for a typical 20 extra pound gas container. Set up for lp yet can be converted to natural gas. To postpone base wood aging apply a sealant 1-2 years after purchase. Whether holding parties or simply unwinding on the patio, the Vintage Fire Pit Table will certainly supply many cozy, radiant fires for you to delight in for several years ahead.

Top Features of this fire table

  • 105,000 BTUs rated Crystal Fire stainless steel burner provides a beautiful full flame
  • Includes grey glass burner cover and 20 lbs of diamond glass fire gems for a sparkling flame effect
  • Distressed wood base is unique to each fire pit. Wood, color, and grain pattern will vary.
  • Battery powered spark ignition system offers simple control over the burner

Propane Fire Pit Buyer’s Guide

Fire pits make the perfect addendum to any yard’s landscaping. From making s’mores to making an delightful and intimate space for out of doors entertaining, they are as functional as they are stunning. While earlier models needed home owners to keep wood unfilled, more modern gas powered options make lighting an odor free fire simple, as well as as long as more control over the height of the flame. For those that are interested in installing a fire pit in their grass, the following advice can help you select the right one.

Even though most of the gas fire pits on the market today have many of the same features, it’s a good idea to educate yourself on a few of the details for what you should be looking at in a backyard fire table.  Take a second to read through this buyers guide and you’ll have no problem picking the right fire feature for your yard.

Turn Up The Heat

Just like with gas barbecues, the number of BTU’s (British Thermal Units) will decide how much heat your backyard fire pit can produce.  Most consumer grade fire pits will come in the 30K to 60K BTU range, which is completely ample for putting off a nice level of heat that anyone standing near the fire pit will feel and enjoy.

Fire Pit Style

The units I tested were all in the fire table style in varying shapes, but you can also choose a fire bowl or a mobile fire place that looks more like a traditional brick fire place.  There are many different materials to choose from as well, from aluminum to cast iron with or without decorative tiles etc.  The aesthetics of your lawn, and the amount of space unfilled to you, should be the first considerations in choosing a model that’s most suited to your space.

Attractive metal or slate models are excellent selections for homes with a modern aesthetic. Their clean lines and muted colors allow them to fit completely with refined outside furniture and spare, concrete hardscaping features. Those who live in a rather more rustic area, or whose patio has a rather more natural feel, may need to deliberate fire pit frames that look as if they were made with uneven rocks or logs. This rustic look will give the feel of a cozy cabin right outside one’s door. Choose the fire pit that fits your eye and will compliment your backyard space.

Fire Pit Fuel

The fire pits I tested all run on a portable propane tank, the same kind as many propane bbq’s use.  However, you may choose to go with a wood burning fire pit, which can be more cost effective than having to refill propane tanks often.  Propane fire pits are clean and require little to no maintenance, while wood burning pits will require ash removal and take longer to get started/heat up.

Fire Stones, Rocks & Glass

This is part style and part function, but the type of stone or glass you use with your fire pit will affect how much heat is produced as well as the look of your fire place.  Glass fire beads come in many different colors and shapes and have a clean, modern look.  Lava rock or stone will look more natural and generally help the fire put produce more heat.  Both are available for most fire table applications.

Other Considerations

If you plan on keeping your pit outside year round, definitely consider purchasing a high quality weather cover for your model.  It will keep it looking nice and performing it’s best for many years.  For safety, never use your fire pit close to walls or patio covers.  Try to place your pit on a fireproof surface such as concrete, stone or tile.  Never sit too close to the fire feature as your shoes and clothes can get hot fast and potentially catch fire.  Because most fire pits/tables are relatively low to the ground always be mindful of children that may accidentally get too close to the fire.

Frequently Asked Questions About Propane Fire Pits & Tables

Propane fire pits do produce a comfortable amount of heat, but the amount can be dependent on how many BTU's of output the fire table produces.  40,000 BTU's is enough to give off plenty of heat.  We don't suggest buying a propane pit with less than 40k BTU's.

Commercial fire pits pose little risk. They have been designed and built to keep the propane where it is intended, and the piping has generally been pressure tested to insure no leaks. DIY fire pits from a kit are almost as safe as commercially manufactured fire pits.

Commercially produced fire pits like the models I've featured in this review are extremely safe.  They've been thoroughly tested by the manufacturer, however it's important to keep small children and animals a safe distance from the table as the flames are still strong enough to cause burns.  We don't recommend building a DIY propane gas fire pit unless you have the proper tools and knowledge to do so.

This really depends on the BTU output of the individual fire pit, but most 20lb propane tanks will last for 4-5 hours at full flame.  If you run the pit at a lower setting you can probably get closer to 8 hours of run time on a single propane tank.

Table top fire pits are very safe to use on most surfaces including wood decks.  The heat is contained within the pit and since they don't produce any ash or embers, there's very little chance of any surrounding materials getting hot enough to catch fire. 

Fire pits which run on propane gas fuel are safe to use under a covered patio providing you have enough air flow from the outside.  Be sure to confirm that the ceiling height, ventilation, location, and flooring of your outdoor space meet the manufacturer's requirements, prior to installation.

Most fire pits & tables are made to withstand the elements including rain, however continued exposure to moisture can cause issues with the burner unit.  We recommend purchasing a quality cover that's designed to fit your model of fire table.

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