mushroom style patio heaters

We’ve been testing a dozen outdoor patio heaters that use propane. If you’re just looking for sheer heat output, get a 48,000 Btu mushroom-style propane heater (so named because, well, look at them). Some of the most prominent examples include the AZ Patio Heaters Hiland HLDS01-WCGT, the Garden Treasures NCZH-G-KMZMSS, and the Dyna-Glo DGPH

For our Editors’ Choice, we selected the Dyna-Glo DGPH202S. It maxed out at 46,000 Btus, but it turns out that less is more with outdoor patio heaters like these. The flower-style heater offers a unique design and a vertical column of flame that’s easier to control than the mushroom style. The tall shape also means you get even heating; the setup is stable once assembled, too.

We’ve also tested two tabletop models, the HSS Portable Propane Outdoor Heater and the AZ Patio Heaters Lm-12. Both are well made for their size and will keep you warm if you’re in a small space. The drawback is that they don’t throw much heat: Both are limited to around 20,500 Btus. However, because they run on smaller tanks, you can pack along more of them for the same amount of fuel.

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We’re testing a variety of propane patio heaters in hopes of finding the best ones. Our current favorites:
We’re still testing a variety of options for outdoor heating, so we’d love to hear about yours. What type of propane heater do you use for your patio? How much heat does it put out? What makes it great—or not-so-great?

Outdoor patio heaters that aren’t propane need special safety considerations. We recently reviewed these electric outdoor patio heaters. In many cases, they’re safer, although some of them aren’t safe for enclosed spaces like porches and balconies. The COSMOS Heatwave fireplace looks great on the outside, and the flames are made from actual, realistic-looking wood that moves independently of the flames themselves. The Outdura Fireplace has realistic logs made of ceramic materials.

Moisture matters with outdoor patio heaters. Some units are designed to be used in a tabletop position, and some come with hangers you can install on a porch’s ceiling or overhang; each can prevent water from dripping onto the heater.

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But not everyone thinks propane patio heaters are worth the money. Some say they’re too cumbersome and heavy to move around, making them ill-suited for moving from the patio to the dock or back again. Others argue that their open flame is a fire hazard and potential safety hazard, particularly if children are involved. Last winter, there was a recall on several propane patio heaters due to a hose leak.

Propane patio heaters (like the ones we tested) are about as cheap and easy to run as it gets. It’s like having a portable fireplace, with temperature control to boot. They’re relatively safe, too – EPA-approved models go through rigorous testing to ensure ignition is fail-safe and shut-off if the unit is tipped over or knocked over.
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I bought a 48,000 btu propane heater and I really love it. It took about 20 minutes to heat up the patio in the winter and only used 30 gallons of propane in 4 weeks.
Whether you’re escaping from the cold or wrapping up in a blanket, our favorite way to improve the patio experience is through an outdoor heater. Patio heaters take time to learn, but once you get them turned on, they can be easier than the fire pit and add ambiance to any night on the patio. With all that said, we know there are some of you who enjoy a quick and easy way to melt snow off your ice skates or skate blades.

Outdoor patio heaters have been used for decades. Most of these heaters were made with propane gas as the primary fuel source. Propane gas outdoor patio heaters are fueled by propane and it has no negative impact on the ozone layer.

You’re going to need something on which to set your beer, and that ‘something’ is a cooler. Last year we tested seven different models—non-insulated soft coolers, one model of hard-sided soft cooler (the BearPaw Coolers SoftPak 48), and five insulated models. We found the ORCA 58 Quart Marine Wheeled SuperTough Cooler (58Q) and the YETI Hopper Two 50 to offer the best combination.

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We’ve used all kinds of different cooking pots and pans, from unbranded, low-quality products to high end cookware, and finally decided we needed to be a little more scientific to figure out the best kind for camping.

The Outdoor Patio Heaters Hiland HLDS01-WCGT is the best propane patio heater we had found in our testing (although this particular model has been discontinued, you can find similar ones here). The combination of a zigzag ignition switch and a pilot light lever makes it one of the easiest heaters we tested to turn on and off. The sturdy spreader bars hold their positions until moved by hand. Most important, it delivers 48,000 Btus with a top.

If you’re looking for a smaller patio heater or one that offers more even heat distribution, get a 35,000 Btu pyramid-style propane heater. A pyramid-style heater is basically the same idea as a mushroom style, except the “hat”—the dome-shaped cover over the burner—isn’t just wide at the top (of course), it also extends farther downward. This makes it less likely that heat will rise and create uneven heating.

Heat from propane patio heaters radiates in all directions, and the effects of indirect radiation are most noticeable when the wind is blowing. Basically, if you’re standing at a 90-degree angle to the heater, you don’t feel much heat. We think this effect is more pronounced for pyramid-style heaters that put out less sheer output than mushroom-style heaters.

When it comes to patio heaters, the most popular propane heater is the garden treasures AZ heater. It gives you 25,000 BTU’s of heating power and it has a new modern design that sets it apart from other propane heaters. Outdoor Patio Heaters are a great addition to any deck or patio area and are very safe to use in areas where children or pets could be nearby. With the wide variety of options in style, size, and color, you will

A good way to get the most heat in an area is to use a single, larger patio heater instead of several smaller ones. A 48,000 Btu propane patio heater will heat a large area and any connected seating, although air movement will make a difference. Max out your heat output with a mushroom-style propane patio heater from $40.99-$134.95.

We’ve also tested two popular propane heater designs that rely on a fan to circulate the fire and heat. Both work as intended, but ultimately we preferred the simplicity of the handheld igniters. — These outdoor patio heaters are simple, yet elegant for your patio, deck or porch. They include everything you need to set up and light within seconds – even in the rain! Heats up to 800 square feet .

What’s the best patio heater? The one you’ll use. Not everyone needs some giant outdoor propane heater blasting away on their patio, and plenty of patio heater shoppers have already decided that they want something more subtle and stylish. We think these are often better options.

Outdoor Patio Heaters are one of the best ways to heat your yard. We’ve tested all the top brands to find the ones that work best.

With units this powerful, you’ll need to take some extra safety precautions. First and foremost, it’s imperative that your propane heater is properly installed; in addition to the installation manual, you should call a professional if you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself. You should also install the heater in a way that allows for maximum air flow (parallel to the ground), and have a means of monitoring the outlet temperature, either with a well-placed thermometer or

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Need an extra boost to help you warm up your outdoor patio? Not a problem. These heaters are sure to do the trick for everyone in your party, whether you want a nice and cozy spot or a hot summer day.

The only thing better than one of our hand-crafted outdoor heaters is two. And hey, what could be cozier than sharing a fire on a chilly evening with someone that makes your heart beat a little faster?

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Now you know what the top products on the market are. Or at least the top five sellers. Not sure where to buy? Amazon is one option, although it’s easy to find many of these products elsewhere. Shop around, read reviews, and choose a couple of brands or two that appeal to you most (or that have high ratings and good prices). Happy product hunting!

It wasn’t until mid summer that we realized just how much open space was actually in our backyard. Adding a fire pit is the easiest way to take advantage of it.

Pyramid Style Patio Heaters

Stay warm this season with the Hiland HLDS01 GTHG. Available at a Home Depot near you, the HLDS01 GTHG heater is an attractive alternative to standard propane heaters, without sacrificing power or durability. The GTHG features a metal exterior that can be left outside year-round and will still look good come next grilling season!

The Hiland HLDS01 GTHG is a quality glass tube model that delivers 11,000 BTUs of output and is UL-listed for both indoor and outdoor use. It employs a powerful 25,000 BTU burner and features adjustable heat settings to help you maintain a temperature range between 68 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s relatively maintenance free and requires little effort to operate or keep clean.

These beautiful heaters are just as functional outdoors as they are indoors with no maintenance and a stylish, pyramid-like design. Hiland’s GTHG Glass Tube Heater offers both radiant and convection heat with an elegant ”open-flame” that is easily concealable. The Pyramid-style AZ GTHG is a very nice heater at a great price, powerful and safe.

Pyramid heaters are the only way to go. Enjoy outdoor warmth and ambiance without the flame and fumes of many propane-powered models.

Once you burn through everything on your list, spend the rest of your afternoon relaxing around one of these propane heaters. It’s a convenient way to have outdoor patio heat with no installation required.

These traditional propane heaters are the safest way to heat your outdoor living space. They have less dangerous carbon monoxide emissions than an open fire and are much easier to ignite and monitor.

When it comes to propane gas fireplaces, some styles are more appealing than others. Our top picks serve up the heat without making a mess of your hearth.

Stay warm with this Pyramid Style Propane Heater. It’s perfect for heating a large open area such as an enclosed porch, terrace or balcony. The weatherproof, powder-coated steel frame can be placed on concrete or directly on the grass. The built-in safety shut off provides protection in the event of low water levels at high temperatures and allows you to enjoy worry-free heat! Price $229.99

Choose a Pyramid-Heater with a handle for ease of use by children and guests to control the temperature inside your tent. Get cozy with blazes all night long with a Pyramid Heater.

NewPyramid offers an unmatched heat output, with full-coverage warmth. Larger surface area means more heat from a Pyramid Heater. Just plug it in and enjoy the heat. 7KW – perfect for parties OR 2,500W – ideal for home use from $89.00! This firepit’s black chrome finish enhances our large acrylic glass viewing windows for exceptional views of the fire. As night falls, the included LED’s gently illuminate the flames for a serene glow. These heaters come with an attached blower to circulate the warm air. The models tested reach temperatures as high as 300°F and up to 4,000 BTUs of heating power. They are designed to run on 100% liquid propane, which makes them cost-effective to operate. The Hanging Lantern || These outdoor decorations stand out in a crowd. Their design will make your outdoor space look unique. With the candle hole, it can use for lighting on the patio or walkway, it is so pretty and romantic.