The Amazing Cobb Bbq Review

The amazing world of The Cobb

The Cobb is an award-winning charcoal portable barbecue grill and smoker that can cook anything, anywhere.

It barbecues, grills, bakes, smokes and warms, and incredibly it does this using only 8 charcoal briquettes! Yes, it does all these things – and more.

Here are some of the amazing things you can do with the Cobb…

•  Cook a 5 lb roast in under two hours – see the juices ooze from a chicken breast and feel that crispy skin!

•  Cook your favorite veggies at the same time, in the patented moat (which we also call the flavor well – see below)

•  Never have to baste your meat, because the Cobb does it for you so your meat never dries out.

•  Add wood chips or pellets to the coals and let those baby back ribs smoke away for up  to an hour without ever having to lift the lid!!! If you want to cook for longer, just add more wood chips!

•  Add a little je ne sais quoi to your meal by pouring some beeror wine with herbs into the flavor well – the liquid will gently simmer and give a fabulous, moist texture and tasteto your food.

•  Pick it up while it’s cooking and serve your meal right on your table top! Yes, the base of the Cobb stays cool even when the charcoal is burning at 300 degrees inside. Incredible, but it’s true.

•  Clean up is quick and easy. When done, simply tip out the ashes, take it apart, give it a scrub down then put the whole thing in the dishwasher!

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See what people are saying about The Cobb.

Unbelievable? Yes, you’d be forgiven for thinking so.

So did the folks at the annual convention of the Hearth Patio & BBQ Association when they saw the Cobb for the first time in Nashville, TN in March 2003.

This is what Stephanie Wilson, editor of the Kansas City Bullsheet and bbq guru, said when she saw the Cobb at the convention:

Now, when I first saw this system, I was very impressed and if anyone asked me (at the convention) if I had seen anything spectacular, I told them about Earthfire USA, that’s how impressed I was with the Cobb. Then, I got many calls Monday morning telling me how they had gotten Best of Show at the convention, do I know how to pick ’em or what?!

Here’s what happened.

The Cobb was entered into the annual Vesta Awards, which attracted over 150 entries this year – all new products ranging from fireplaces, to grills to outdoor furniture. The Vesta Awards (Vesta is Latin for the hearth – the vestal virgins were the mythical maidens who guarded the hearth of the gods) are presented every year to celebrate excellence in design and innovation in the hearth, patio and bbq industry.

The Cobb was judged to be the best new charcoal bbq and smoker of 2003!

The also Cobb walked away with the Best In Show Vesta Award! Yes, ahead of Weber, Brinkman, Coleman, Char-Broil – all the big names in barbecuing, smoking and grilling in America. In front of 1500 of the top industry people.

Well, that put the Cobb on the map in America, for sure. The orders started pouring in and the Cobb began to get rave reviews in the trade press and got coverage in the consumer mags, too.

But it was not the first time the Cobb was recognised for being a brilliant invention.

In 2001, just as it was released for the first time in South Africa, the Cobb attracted the attention of the editorial team at Time Magazine, who every year select their top 100 international inventions.

Time Magazines selected The Cobb as one of Inventions of 2001! Yes, this little charcoal cooker, invented to enable Africans to cook without having to chop down trees for firewood, got an international audience for the first time.

First night..Had a Surf and Turf dinner with steak, salmon, portabella mushrooms and asparagus.. All was awesome with no complaints at all. Cooked all in about 20 minutes. After this first very simple attempt..started thinking about the potential for future sales at Clemson Football games, local events etc in Charleston South Carolina.

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“If you have ever experienced 80,000 football fans …say with a simple tailgating setup with some Cobb grills going ..providing “passer-bys” with some free samples of tailgating food cooked on a Cobb… and you pick up the grill and ask them if they would like a sample…. I think they would be hooked.

“Most folks will have never seen the Cobb Grill but will be hooked once they see it”

That’s just one of the tons of e-mails we get from our customers – they just love their Cobb!

The Cobb’s a hit with the ladies!

Now here’s another interesting fact: women just love to cook with the Cobb! Yes, women are bbqers and grillers too, and why shouldn’t they be?

But most times they have to get their man to haul out that great big old chunk of cast iron and she’s lost him to endless tinkering in the back yard while the meat smokes away. With the Cobb, she doesn’t need no man to cook for her! In fact this could be one of the most interesting case studies in gender role reversal – the Cobb is so great to use, and cooks such perfectly tasting food, that the girls might take over the bbqing and grilling from the guys! Well, stranger things have happened.


Then you buy your Cobb, you will obviously want to show it off to your friends and family. Show them how good a cook you are and how clever you are to have found this neat new product.

You’ll soon be spreading the word about the great new Cobb to all your friends!

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